Target Nutrition, Physique Science & Move New Musculoskeletal therapy are now offering you all the below for $350!! THERE ARE ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE! To secure your spot please email Amie at amiestargetnutrition@gmail.com or call on 0413 684 215



Whats included? 

Physique Science will be offering two DEXA Scans to assist with body composition analysis from start to finish. Please ensure you make yourself available for this as there will be only a small window allocated for the scan. To see the best results, scans must be completed first thing in the morning fasted and without exercise.

Target Nutrition will be offering a tailored meal plan to training regime and any food intolerances along with a cookbook. You will also be provided with 2 x 15 minute skype/phone consults within the 6 week period for any needed advice or queries about meal plan changes. Follow up consults post the 6 weeks are $80.

The Move New MST offer is an initial consultation session + 2 follow up sessions

Initial consultationGet the truth about where your body is at and how it’s moving.  The initial consultation will consist of a passive and active postural analysis, functional range of motion testing, and osteopathic testing in order to identify your largest limiting factor while, more importantly, learning what the first step is to improving your performance.

Follow up: The following two sessions will be aimed at building on the results and information gained in the initial consult. We’ll either be increasing your major limiting ranges of motion, or addressing acute or persistent painful conditions.

Why Move New? At Move New MST you’ll be taught how to get yourself out of painful conditions and how achieve better body positions. At first this will require several forms of hands on therapy including massage, dry needling, cupping, and myofascial release. As you progress, it will become more about building better movement habits and learning how your body operates. Follow up treatment is available at the standard rate ($75) should clients wish to continue minimising their major limitations and maximising their results.