Brent Fikowski – 2nd Fittest in the World

What does it take to fuel Brent Fikowski in training and competition? 

Brent’s nutrition over the last two years, to be honest, has not changed dramatically. Brent has remained very consistent in his daily routine and knows how to fuel his body to support the training he’s done. He does not know his macros or how many calories in a day he consumes unless I tell him.

It is all about eating the right food at the right time of the day.  I have found this has really helped with Brent’s body composition changes and also recovery from training. If you struggle reaching your ideal body composition or find it hard to recover from training I’m sure I can help you find workable solutions too.

I focus on periodisation – which is looking at each meal in its own breakdown of carbs/protein/fat content and manipulating these numbers according to training times/physical activity. Periodisation is not really macro counting, because even if you consume the right macros in the day but the timing is out, your recovery and body fat levels may not change!

So if Brent trains in the morning; he consumes more carbs then. If there is no activity at night choose lower carb options and a little higher in fat. Protein intake never changes.

So at the CrossFit Games what happened??

I thought I would give a little snapshot of what Brent consumed on the first day of the CrossFit Games.

Brent found a company to deliver some pre-prepared meals for him so he didn’t have to prep as much food. I ensured these were low in fat and based on white meat/fish so it wasn’t sitting in his gut digesting for too long.  We added rice to all of these meals to increase the carbohydrate content.

Thursday – The first day of the CrossFit Games. 

On this day Brent consumed approximately 5200 calories, breaking down into 235g protein, 70g of fat and a whopping 850g of carbs. To give you an idea of the difference to a normal home day of training, Brent consumes around 4200 calories – 220g of protein, 160g of fat and 400g of carbs.

  • Breakfast rarely ever changes in competition. It is  3/4 C of cooked oats, cinnamon, 1/2 tb of honey, berries, banana, and  3 eggs + 1 C of vege and sometimes a rasher of lean bacon.
  • Post Workouts involved his protein, and dextrose powder from Mission 6 Nutrition, along with dried dates and the pre-prepared meals with rice. These were pretty consistent throughout the whole day.
  • Before bed it was oats with honey and cinnamon and some kind of casein protein – either quark yoghurt/cheese.
  • Fluid intake was also high, and he also consumed electrolytes to ensure he was well hydrated.
  • A few things have been taken out though because I cant give away all the tricks to the trade 😉

Brent’s energy levels where high all weekend and his recovery was on point in all aspects. I know his nutrition played a huge role and helped ensure his spot on that podium.

In Summary – my biggest tip for sports nutrition is you need to change your food intake according to your activity level. Some workouts go for 10 minutes and others go for minutes . You will need more refuel your body according to each workout! Don’t fall into the trap of eating the same thing day in and day out!

If you need help with your training nutrition, energy levels or body composition changes; email me at

10 thoughts on “Brent Fikowski – 2nd Fittest in the World

  1. Ryan Miles Reply

    Let’s talk!!!

  2. Rico Jacobs Reply

    Umm, where can I get a consult and inquire about nutrition planning?!?

  3. Zac Reply

    Surprised to see the animal products. Protein yes, but it comes with cholesterol, trans fats, choline, hemeiron(prooxidant), and a bunch of other baggage that causes inflammation hurting recovery not to mention chronic disease. Why not replace with plant proteins like grains, beans, nuts and seeds that do just the opposite and cure all the issues?

    1. Matthew Shepherd Reply

      Because animals taste awesome?

      1. Jason Reply

        and you’d have to eat a truckload of broccoli to get anywhere close to his macros

    2. amiecox Reply

      Because Brent has many tests done each year to ensure his health is perfect. Brent is no where close to any issues of health and for the amount of exercise Brent does – meat products are more likely to enhance his recovery than if I removed it. He has portion controlled and lean cuts of meat. He is a big guy and will process things differently to a person of smaller frame. Everyone is different 🙂 Some people work better with a plant based diet then others. This is merely a representation of Brent eats in a day not what you need to.

  4. Chris Stanfill Reply

    “Tricks of the trade” …ugh.

    1. Lpag Reply

      I thought the same thing – why cant we just give info freely to help everyone?

      1. Jason Reply

        Yea why doesn’t apple give away free iPhones and why don’t doctors treat for free and help everyone out? This person clearly knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for a while – doesn’t that level of training deserve some sort of compensation if you’re into the service provided?

  5. Chase Reply

    This is great! Thanks for sharing!

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