Competition Day Nutrition Part 2

Well it is now the Crossfit Season for competitions, with some sort of competition going on almost every weekend for the next few months.

So how can you nourish your body so you don’t end up walking around for days after like a zombie.
Here are a few tips:

1. You need to eat!! Most people tend to avoid eating throughout the day and just drink protein shakes. As a result, they get to the end of the day and bam they have nothing left. I know I used to do it, I would rarely eat on a competition day because I was so nervous or the thought of food would make me want to be sick. Fluids will be your saving grace. However if you can eat, eat!!

2. Carbs are your best friend not nuts or seeds!! This is something most crossfitters typically lack unless they are super prepared. Carbs are your bodies preferred fuel source a competition day, especially when you are completing 3-4 hard intense workouts. If you do not replace your fuel source, it is like a car, you will break down, you will fatigue quickly and for most of you, the last 1-2 workouts will be so hard to get through. Most would put it down to hard day of competition. I put it down to not refuelling your body appropriately.

Depending upon the workout will depend how much carbs you need. A few short 3-4 minute workout or a pure strength will not need as many carbs much as a workout that lasts 15-20 minutes and you just grind away at it without stopping. Sweet potato is not a choice of carbs on this day unless you want to eat 500g in one sitting. Which if you are going to be working out again in an hour or so time, most people would not be able to stomach that much food without feeling heavy or sick by the time the next workout rolls along. Use pasta (gluten free) or basmati/doongara rice to refuel your body. Try it? see how much better you feel when you eat a good source of carbs after each workout. I guarantee you will be able to perform better than ever before If you fuel yourself appropriately.
Good options might include – chicken and tomato based penne bake, chicken/tuna and rice, muesli and yoghurt (chobani), oat based slices, banana sandwiches or bread rolls etc.

3. Hydrate – dehydration can impair your performance by up to 60-70%. Which is quite a lot! If you are competing outdoors, you will experience some sort of dehydration unless you are continually rehydrating.

4. Make sure you get a small amount of protein after each workout. Again the shorter ones you will not need as much e.g. half a scoop of protein powder. Where the longer duration workouts I would have a full scoop.

5. Eat a good nutritious meal when you get home that night, a good source of carbs and try and avoid alcohol. Alcohol will ruin your recovery. Save it for the next night if you can and I promise you will feel better for it.

These are my main tips for competition season!

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