Sweet Potato Frittata


12 eggs
200g of low fat feta
3 large zucchini
1 onion
400g of sweet potato
1 whole capsicum
1 C of baby spinach
1 Bunch of basil

In the oven set at 180 degrees, roast diced sweet potato until golden brown for around 40 minutes.

Place grated zucchini, basil, diced capsicum, baby spinach diced onion, chopped feta and sweet potato, once cooked into a bowl.

Add some pepper to it as well also ½ tsp of cumin for extra flavour

Whisk the eggs and add to the vegetables in an ovensafe dish. Bake in 180 degrees for 45minutes or until the egg is cooked all the way through

Makes 6 serves – can be frozen

This is low in carbohydrates – so if you find yourself hungry later on, consider adding a piece of fruit with the meal.


Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

800g of Sweet potato
500g of chicken breast
275mL of lite coconut cream
275mL of like coconut milk
1 tsp of ginger
1 large onion
1 C of sliced mushrooms
1 C of broccoli
1 tb of red curry paste
1 bunch of coriander

1.In a work or large saucepan, heat a drizzle/spray of olive oil.
2. Dice the chicken and cook it over medium-high heat for about 5 mins until brown.
3. Remove chicken from the pan.
4. Add another drizzle/spray of olive oil and cook the onion and ginger for one minute or until aromatic, and then add in the curry paste and cook for another minute.
5. Add in the coconut milk and cream and bring to boil.
6. Add in the diced sweet potato and chicken. Cover the pan to simmer on low heat for 8-10 mins. Stirring occasionally
7. Add in broccoli and mushrooms and cover again cooking for 5 mins.
8. Add in coriander and mix through, cooking for a minute and then serve

Makes 5 serves or if you are a male – I would make this 4 serves

It can be frozen!

CHicken curry

Meat Patties

500g of turkey/chicken/heart smart lean beef mince
½ bunch of chopped basil 
150g of chopped sundried tomatoes

Mix all together into a bowl and divide into 10 patties or into 5 large patties. 
You can either cook them in a pan covered for about 8-10 minutes each side, or put them in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. 

2 small patties per serve, or 1 large patty. Serve with some salad or vegies. Or place it on two slices of multigrain bread with some salad.


Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin 1.2kg
1 Chilli
1 onion
50g of butter or nuttelex olive oil spread
1 heaped tsp of salt reduced chicken stock
1-2 C of hot water
1tsp of cinnamon
1tsp of paprika
1/3 C of lite coconut cream
In the microwave (if you have a Microwave safe dish) cook butter and diced up onion for 2 minutes.
Add cubed chunks of pumpkin, chicken stock, cinnamon, paprika, and chilli. 
Pour boiling water over the pumpkin until the pumpkin is almost covered. Too much fluid will make the soup runny.
 Cook for 10 minutes, stir and then cook for another 10 minutes.
Blitz everything together in the food processor or with a hand mixer in small batches. 
Add the coconut milk and cook in the microwave for another 2 minutes

Do You Sabotage Yourself?

Hey all!

Today I want to discuss a behaviour which I see quite commonly called self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is a behaviour which interferes with short or long term goals. Specific to nutrition this could include behaviours that affect body fat loss, training or competition. Unfortunately most people are unaware that they are sabotaging themselves from reaching their goals. On the other end of the spectrum, some would rather stay oblivious to these behaviours then tackle it head on.

Are you someone who sabotages themselves regularly? Let us take a look at some behaviours that may affect your from reaching your goals.

Self-sabotaging behaviours could include, procrastination, smoking, drinking, comfort eating for both positive or negative outcomes, going shopping on an empty stomach, putting yourself in what you know will be a comprised situation. For example, celebrations for birthdays or work functions, post sports competitions celebrations, relationship break ups, stressful days at work.

The frustrating part for most, is although you may be able to identify the behaviours or triggers which cause self-sabotage, they may not be able to have the will power to disengage from that behaviour, or know what to do once they are in that situation. Thankfully, there are behavioural or motivational therapies/strategies that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to prevent these behaviours. You just have to be willing to try it!

Knowing your triggers and having a plan in place to remove the threat is my biggest tip. I find it is typically boredom or stress which breaks will power. Identify what sets you off and know what your danger zones are. If you find yourself in the position where the impulse has struck to sabotage yourself and you are battling with your mind as to what to do. Have a plan in place to defeat it! For example, throw out the sugary foods you have in the house, so you have to physically go out and buy it to have it. Prepare and take lunch and snacks out with you on the road for work or road trips.

Plan your time. I sit down each week if not each day and plan out my training and nutrition to ensure I do not eat what I shouldn’t or be put into a situation where I have to eat out or go hungry for a long period of time. Why? Because I know this is my downfall in terms of weight gain. If I go a long period of time without eating, I will consume more food than what I need to have. I know if I’m busy with work and will not be home for a long period of time, if I don’t take food with me again, I won’t eat properly or snack and not consume a proper meal. I know what my triggers are and have plans in place. If I get bored and feel like eating, I set myself eating times, and tell myself I can eat until a certain time. I drink more water or go for a walk.

Keep yourself accountable to someone, or ask them to do change a behaviour with you. Having someone by your side through the first few weeks especially is probably the smartest thing you could do. Ask them to find a habit that they wish to change and keep yourself accountable. If you cannot find someone to do it with you, there are plenty of support groups out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you truly and whole heartedly want to see real change, why would you not do everything you possibly could to ensure you are successful.

One thing I think you need to be open and aware of is that you will break at some point. Do not think you will stick to it 100%. Why? Because if you do fail, you will only become upset with yourself, lower your own self-esteem and motivation towards your goal; which is just as counterproductive as self-sabotage is. Do not to beat yourself up about it, but have another plan in place in case you backslide. Someone to ask for help to get you back on track, make yourself get back to healthy eating or exercise.

Going backwards is the biggest waste of time, effort and hard training. Did you actually care enough when you tried that first time, or was it a half-hearted effort? What is your motivation? Make the decision in the beginning that you are making a life style change. It’s not a diet, it’s not something that you only want to do for a short period of time. Mould yourself to become the person you want to be. If you don’t know how, ASK 🙂

My task for you this week is to sit down, identify those triggers and determine what your plan of attack is if the situation arises!!

Have a great week 🙂

Stop making excuses and do it!

SO  I MADE WEIGHT!! I think I had the biggest sigh of relief when I woke up first thing Sunday morning and weighed myself. 68.8kgs. I just had to wait a few hours to weigh in!

I will tell you now, the last few days where definitely some of the toughest days I have been through. I am so proud of my own clients who have to struggle to make weight every time they compete and go through this process the few days leading out. They are truly strong willed and mentally focused.

So over the last week, I increased my cardio by another half hour a day (90minutes) however I only did 2 sessions of weightlifting throughout the week leading up to the competition. That was not intentional, it is just the way my schedule worked out.

I got to Friday morning and I was sitting around 1kgs heavier and I was freaking out. I did a 10km run and 12km row in the morning, with the intention of going back that night and doing another hour long workout. I saw my musculoskeletal therapist 🙂 Celeste (Allev8 health – SHE IS AMAZING!!) and she helped relax some very tense muscles from all the extra cardio work. The only thing is I got to the gym Friday night, and I was in no shape to train, my muscles were achy, I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to lift on Sunday. I was literally at the point of giving up and thinking ill still keep my nutrition in check, but I physically cannot do anymore training to get my weight down. Fortunately I had two good friends in my ear that night reminding me I can do this and will do it.

As I was leaving the gym, I got a phone call from one of my clients who I have helped a number of times to make weight of the last few months. He literally was my saving grace when he told me to do no more cardio unless it was on the day of the competition. I was literally so happy. He gave me a couple tips to help drop the rest of the weight, and from 7pm that night to 7am the following morning I dropped 1.2kgs to sit at 69.6kgs. I was pretty stoked!

On the Friday I ate 1 protein bar, a few crackers, 100g of chicken breast and probably drank around 1-1.5L of fluid. Saturday, I had 100g of chicken breast, a couple small vegies, jelly babies to try and keep my energy levels up, and probably 500mL of fluid. I weighed in at 69.4 that evening.

So it was a pretty hard couple of days. The moment I weighed in – I ate 1 GF weetbix, ½ C of goodness superfoods digestive 1st and about ½ C of 5am muesli with some milk. BEST MEAL EVER! I was sooo happy! And then I ate some carob coconut rough and drank a lot of fluid! I was very full, but I had soo much more energy!

I found the whole competition experience scary, but fun, but I was nervous because the reps have to be perfect. As this was my first competition, my coach wanted me to lifted lighter – which I am glad he did, I hit a 45, 49, 53 in the snatch and did 60, 65, 70 in the clean and jerk. I missed the 70 with a press out in the jerk. But I am happy enough with how I went. I have qualified for states and that’s what I am happy about!

So where to from here. Well after my refeed on Sunday – a lot of carbs haha, and Monday was a bit of a write off as well, not as bad as Sunday, but still more carbs than what I should, I am now sitting at 72kgs, which is about 0.5kg more than what I wanted to be two days post competition. But I know I will lose around 1kg pretty quickly one I am back into training properly and consuming a good nutritious diet. The hard part is, my stomach has shrunk so much, I cannot eat much without feeling really full! So it is going to be careful planning on my part from now.

I wanted to change my diet up slightly, so breakfast will be oats with protein powder for the days ive trained, and then a smoothie for the days I don’t.

Lunch will be an omelette, maybe with a slice of toast – I will see how I feel.

Dinner – chicken/kangaroo/steak with vegies

Snacks – corn thins and vegemite, milo and milk, and an orange or banana.

This should hopefully let me see about a 0.5kg loss over the next few weeks to sit around 69-70kgs. I will probably do the extra steady state cardio 1-2 times a week to help also keep my weight down, but otherwise GOODBYE CARDIO. 6 weeks to STATES, where I will attempt to lift some decent numbers for myself! 🙂 Bring it!!

What I quickly want to share about this whole process is, I dedicated myself to this goal. So many people have said you made it look so easy, or I need you will power. This was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do mentally and physically. I struggled, and I had amazing people around me to help me through it.

Find friends who will help you, stop being afraid of failing. Be who you want to be, and stop making excuses as to why you cant. You are in control of your outcome, stop whinging, complaining, and just do it!!

Emotional Rollercoaster

Hello all!

So I have 4 days and 17 hours to go! Yes I am counting down!!! The last week has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster. My body weight as of this morning was 70.65kgs, so I have 1.7kgs to go! I can see vast differences in my body shape! I guess that’s what happens when you lose almost 5kgs! I am very nervous about not making it!

Training despite the large loss in body weight has been going surprisingly well though. For those who do not know, in November last year, I had to stop training because I had 3 bulging discs in my lower back. I stopped training until the end of January, and started back February doing only upper body movements. I only picked up a barbell probably halfway into March, so considering I have only been working my lifts I am pretty happy with my current progress.

Prior to my injury my PB’s for snatch and CNJ were 62.5 and 75kgs. But I am pretty sure in weightlifting my 75kg wouldn’t have been cleared as a good lift. Over the last few days I have hit a 60kg snatch and 70kg CNJ a few times! Which makes me very excited to have gained my strength back! This is the most I have lifted since my injury. My squats are getting stronger and am gaining more mobility in my squat! So even if I don’t make 69kg and am soo happy with my progress.

BUT  I am going to make it. I have come this far, I will make sure I make it!

From tomorrow, I will be changing my diet again and will start to follow a low residue diet. Basically this means I will be cutting out a lot of fibre in my diet to about 10g. My current diet is about 25g, so I will be even more hungry than what I am currently am, which really will suck! Low fibre foods include, white breads/rice/low fibre cereals, fruits and vegetables cooked well without seeds or skins and high protein based foods, such as eggs, lean meats, dairy foods.

A low residue diet will decrease the transit time of food sitting in my gut, so basically when Sunday comes around I will have very little sitting in my intestines, which should hopefully help me lose another 500g to 1kg. However, because I have to follow a low FODMAP diet, there are many foods that are included on a low residue diet that I cannot eat! So most of the high carb based and dairy foods are out. As well as I am trying to glycogen deplete my stores also. A total depletion will result in about a 2kg loss. I know I am already depleted. But if I remove all carbs from my diet for a couple days, it should decrease my body weight even moreso.

So my diet will look like this for the next four days.

A protein shake with frozen banana in the morning Then twice each day I will have 100g of chicken breast or kangaroo with mashed pumpkin, baby spinach, cucumber and zucchini without skin or seeds. I will have some kind of caffeine source going into training and a piece of fruit. I am not meant to have either of these on this diet. But I still want to train well, so I will add it in if I need it to function well!

I have to say though the last week I really have struggled and had some weak moments. Particularly last Thursday. I had no motivation to train. I probably only burnt about half of the calories I normally would in a steady state session, and I ate way too many carbs. My training sessions the following two days again were not as long as normal and as a result I gained about a kilo 🙁 We all have weak moments, and unfortunately I broke to mine again. Fortunately I have lost what I have gained plus a little more by training even harder over the last few days.

I think the worst part about this process is that I have been so emotional. I have almost cried so many times, become easily angered with friends, family, and clients. This has been a very big learning curve. I have worked with many clients who have struggled emotionally to make weight. There have been times when I thought they have just needed to toughen up because this what they have to do to compete. But it really has made me realise how hard my athletes work not just in training but with their nutrition and I can understand why they have weak moments. Now I can at least sympathise with them before I tell them to suck it up haha.

But this truly has been very difficult and is something that I never want to do again. Weight loss at a slow rate that doesn’t affect your mental state, training is the best way to see good long term results.

Next week I will talk about what to do for nutrition post weigh in, how I went and what my plans are for nutrition and training post this competition, because I obviously do not want to regain any fat, only glycogen and food weight!

Talk soon 🙂

Control Your Own Outcome

So it’s that time of the week where I get to share what has been happening with my nutrition and training. I think I actually forgot to mention the reason for such a large weight drop in a short period of time. In 11 days’ time I will be competing in my first ever weightlifting competition for Cougars Weightlifting club. My Coach told me not to worry about dropping and that I would sit well in the 75kg category, but, just because I like to challenge myself and I wanted to see what my own clients feel like when they have to drop weight rapidly, I have decided to drop to the 69kg category. It is and will be a good learning experience for me!!

So now you understand why I am doing what I am doing, I will give you an update about the last week. So I was sticking to my nutrition and training as in my first post very closely for about a week. I felt leaner and was seeing some crazy increases in my strength at the same time! I was feeling good! Then it came around to weigh in day, last Thursday morning and I had only lost half a kilo L and  boy was I devastated with life! I had put in so much effort, hard work and dedication into seeing a good result that I only lost 500 lousy grams.

For most of my clients, I would be ecstatic with 500g and would be happy to continue on, but I am training harder, longer and eating less than what I normally would. So I was guttered and struggling to decide what to do next. Should I just not worry about dropping because I didn’t have too, but then fighting with myself that I set myself a goal to do in the next three weeks and I want to prove to myself I can do it. I did pretty much through a tantrum….well kind of to one of my good friends who is also training with me. We have both been helping each another lose the weight, motivate each other, or in this case, whine about why our bodies can’t work like the average person!

I do know why I did not lose much body weight though for that exact reason, it stopped functioning well, which happens regularly unfortunately, mainly because of trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work in regards to the Low FODMAP diet. On Thursday I was bloated, constipated (sorry for the details) I did not feel or look good, and I think that is the reason for the lack of loss. Also my strength went up in a number of lifts, and I felt like my legs where becoming bigger and stronger – so there could have been a little muscle mass gain.

But in saying that, weightlifting is still a body weight sport. I still need to lose weight on the scales.  So after my little tantrum – I did something that I know I shouldn’t have, I ate carob chocolate – it is one of my favourite foods. I am an emotional eater and I know that and am working on my control. But I was still disappointed in myself for breaking, but at the same time, I did not allow it to unravel my self-control. I find with my clients, this is the point where they lose control, and go crazy. They think oh I have already ruined the day, I might as well keep going. It may make you feel better at the time, but in the long run, you will look at yourself in the mirror or at the scales the next day and feel worse. Then things go one of two ways. 1. You pick yourself back up and decide to truly make a change or 2. You become upset and then just eat more as a result. I chose to start again straight away. I prevent a blow out and I am happy about that.

The next morning everything both in my diet and training changed. I messaged my Crossfit coach and told him I had only lost 500g and he told me it is time to do more intense steady state work in jumpers and tights or tracksuit pants/jumpers. So the last 4 days have included one hour either running, rowing or on the ski ergo. Very mentally tough!

I also cut out the majority of carbohydrates out of my diet. WHICH I HATE and goes against what I promote, but for me to drop body weight – not body fat! I have to do it. I will be losing the glycogen stores In my muscles and liver rather than actual body fat. I will still lose body fat, but not that much in this short period of time.

So my breakfast has changed to a smoothie including protein powder a small banana and berries, for lunch I have taken out the slice of bread and added in pumpkin and then dinner has changed from sweet potato to pumpkin. I found out a couple days ago I have to moderate its intake!! I am a little devastated about that. No GF muesli bar and just fruit pre training. I still have the corn thins, but just plain. And lots and lots of fluid.

Now let me tell you I HATE IT haha. I am constantly hungry unless I am distracted or training. I find myself finding it harder to concentrate on work and am easily distracted. Plus I really don’t like cardio, that’s why I love weightlifting so much, unless I have to do 7 reps!! Eek. But it has worked!! Today I weighed in 2.7kgs lighter than when I started dropping 10 days ago. Which means I have to lose about 300g a day to reach my goal by next Saturday! It is a good goal to have in mind, and I think is achievable – well at this stage if I keep my mindset right.

Now I think this is where I need to say, this is not sustainable, there is no way I will continue to do an extra hour of steady state work every day after this competition. I will regain probably 1-2kgs afterwards because I have depleted my glycogen stores, and once I eat carbs again I will regain it. Carbohydrates are so important for recovery and mental function, there is no way I will ever keep them out of my diet. It is only a quick fix, definitely something that I will be able to maintain for the rest of my life!!

My challenge to you and what I want you to think about this week is, what do you do when you falter, or there are issues with family, work or relationships. Is your diet and training the first thing that goes? Why?? Most of these issues which happen are usually out of your control. But your actions as a result of these issues ARE in your control. You choose what to say, how to act, what you eat, how much you train. How you react in these situations will set your weight loss journey apart from everyone else. Control what you can control. My life was turned upside down over the last month, but I decided to take control of what I could…my training and diet, and I am seeing the results I want. You can make the decision to be better and to take charge of your own life. It may sound selfish, especially if you have a family to look after or bills to pay. But you will always be able to make or find time. There is always a solution, you just have to be willing and proactive in finding one.

You are in control of your own destiny, work towards it, but the rate at which you do it is completely up to you. Go after it ladies and gents!!