Do You Want Body Fat Loss??

Body fat loss can be a quite hard if you find are a boredom eater, or tend to binge or eat large portion sizes at one time. So today I want to discuss a few ways to help you think about food and develop good eating habits.

The first thing I suggest is to find different ways to distract yourself – these activities should not be food related! The more you are engaged in another activity the more likely you will forget about eating. For example: read a book, go for a walk, head to the beach, watch a movie or tv series, call a friend or basically just get yourself out of the house. These small tactics should take away the urge to eat out of boredom! Time will fly and before you know it your stomach will be prompting you that it’s the best time of the day – FOOD TIME!! haha.

The second thing I would suggest is to Pick a couple meals throughout the week that you can class as an extra meal on top of your normal eating routine. This could be foods that are higher in calories, or slightly larger portion size then normal, or basically things that you shouldn’t be eating at that time of the day that will promote body fat loss. That way you can still feel like you can eat what you want but it is not something that is regular occurrence.  If you can situate these meals before or after exercise that would be even better! Your body is more likely to use those extra calories as fuel rather than be stored as fat.

However, this does not mean you need to go crazy with the portion size. For example, don’t go for an entree, main and dessert if eating out. Pick one thing – do you prefer the main meal or dessert? For me it is always the dessert! I happily would have steak and vegies or chicken and salad and have a sweet meal after!  However again I would try and portion control this. I would pick a chocolate bar over a block of chocolate. I think the biggest tip I can give here is to only buy what you want to consume in that one sitting, don’t buy things that will be left over that may tempt you later on. But then in saying that, if you have come to a point in life that every time you have something sweet or savoury that is higher in calories and you binge eat, maybe it is time to look at food in a different way!

What is this tactic you may ask?

This exercise is teaching you how to control your temptations. If you do not feel restricted from eating a certain food then the likelihood of bingeing later on is significantly less.

So what should you do?

Pick one food that you love, ice cream, chocolate, chips, biscuits. Have one thing you like every day. So it could be one tim tam a day, 1-2 scoops of low fat icecream, a tablespoon of Nutella, 45g packet of chips etc. Still a small portion size, but have one every day. Most people I find cannot control themselves when it comes to foods they love, and will continually head back to the cupboard to search for more. I know I do it at times, so I am sure there are many others out there that do as well.

I think you will find if you eat it every day, you will get to a point that you decide, “oh, I don’t actually feel like it today”, and the packet will stay in the cupboard or fridge until the day you do want it. Don’t be afraid of food or guilty about eating something that you feel you shouldn’t or isn’t ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’. The problem is actually binge eating, where the portion size is significantly more which is where body fat gain occurs.

You will put on more body fat if you binge 1-2 times a week, then if you were to have something small each day over the week!!!
If you don’t believe me – try it, or even look at past experiences of weight gain? What have you noticed?

If you need help breaking these bad habits, or guidance on what you should be including in your diet to see body fat loss, please contact me on 0413 684 215 or email me at


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