Meet Amie

Welcome to my very first blog post!! I want to let you know about the person on the other side of the page.

I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Provisional Sports Dietitian. My private practice Target Nutrition focuses on providing nutrition education and individualised nutritional meal plans for anyone and everyone. I love my job, I thoroughly enjoy meeting my clients and helping them become better versions of themselves, improving quality of life or enhancing their training performance.

I am very much about promoting healthy eating rather than any one specific diet or excluding a number of different foods. Each person is different, their body shape, habits, dislikes, routines and exercise level all impact upon the way they eat. I believe it is about working with these specific qualities and developing a plan that is realistic, achievable and able to be maintained over a long period of time.

Trusting another person with your diet with another person may feel like sharing your dirty laundry in public. I would like you to know, I do not judge you for the choices you make. I will give you the tools to eat to reach your goals, but it is up to you to follow it. Only you can make the decision to do it. I will always be available to guide, encourage and deter you from unhealthy eating habits.

Trust in me to help you reach your aspirations and goals!